SOUTH SHORE COMPUTER REPAIR servicecapabilities We offer a wide range of computer and technology services including but not limited to: PC problem diagnosis and repair: both hardware and software Windows troubleshooting Virus/spyware removal: includes advice and free programs to help keep your device problem free Network setup. Get all of your Wi-Fi connected devices to work together House calls: including equipment pickup and re-delivery Data backup and restore Setup of electronics PC REPAIR AND SOFTWARE TROUBLESHOOTING Is your computer running slow or doing strange things? We are computer repair specialists. Your PC can be examined to see what the problems are. Most computer problems are caused by viruses, malware, and spyware. EVERYBODY gets them at one time or another. Some do real damage to your computer's files while others are nearly harmless. There are thousands of ways you can get them. There are a lot of bad guys out there on the web that have nothing better to do than mess up your PC. We can remove these problems from your PC. We also suggest ways that you can avoid these problems. Best of all we install free software on your PC that can help you in the fight against them. If you have a problem with something not working correctly, we can help. HOUSE CALLS We will come to your location for a very minimal charge. You tell us what the problems are and we will diagnose them and tell you what we think is the best plan of action to solve them. Many times we will have to take your PC with us to fix it. We can also give you advice on other electronics that you have or may want to purchase and install and set them up for you. Note that we do not sell electronics or software. This keeps us unbiased about what you may need. Other repair shops like to push their goods on you whether you may need them or not. NETWORKING Simply put, networking means to connect many devices such as computers, tablets, phones, TVs, satellite receivers/cable boxes/DVRs and many more together so that they can share files. Networks are also used to share an internet connection with devices that may use the internet. Are you paying your internet service provider "rent" on a wireless router. You should purchase your own router. It will pay for itself eventually. An average router costs about $75. "Rent" is about $5 a month. By owning your own router you no longer pay the $5 fee. Networks can be confusing. We can set up or fix an existing network for you. We can help you get your devices set up on your home network. If you have any network needs please feel free to call. DATA BACK UP AND RESTORE Most people have pictures, documents, videos and music stored on their computer, phone or other devices. If the device malfunctions you could lose those items. Having a good back up plan is easy and very inexpensive. If you feel you have items like these that you could not lose you need to have at least three copies of them. One copy should be located at least 400 miles from where you live (there could be a natural disaster). We can explain how you should do this and make sure you have the correct equipment to do so. HELP WITH ELECTRONICS Do you have a television, camera, surround sound system, printer, anything electronic that you just cannot get working how you want it to. We have vast experience setting up electronics.

    In the computer industry since 1979 (before the birth of the personal computer) A seasoned professional with a B.S. in Computer Science, I have done programming, circuit board design, computerized typesetting, large scale system upgrading and finally started the PC repair business over ten years ago.



contactus For inquiries or assistance please complete the form or call OFFICE VISITS ARE BY APPOINTMENT ONLY HOURS: 8AM TO 8PM MONDAY THROUGH SATURDAY Address: Phone number: 414-688-9029 E-Mail:

Try the relaxed, friendly way to get your PC needs taken care of. There are no stuffy corporate drones working here.

Your problems are examined and explained.  The best plan of action will be used to fulfill your needs.

Turnaround time is some of the fastest in the Milwaukee area. Most jobs are done by the next day.

Our prices are VERY reasonable.

Special pricing for Seniors (65 or over).


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